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Sailing, Boating and Racing - 3 Types of Sailing For the Active Sailing Enthusiast

Sailing is a very popular hobby for people all over the world. People use sailing as a way to go on vacation, visit beaches and take in the beautiful scenery that sailing offers. It has a unique charm about it that just cannot be replaced by any other sport or hobby. The sailors that enjoy sailing do so for many different reasons.

If you are thinking of taking up sailing as a hobby, there are a few things that you should know before you do so. Sailing terms refer to several different things including the type of boat, the sailboat and the way that you control the boat through using the wind as well as the windlass. The three sailing terms that I am going to discuss are nautical charts, sailing directions and nautical maps.

Nautical Charts - This is the most important term when it comes to sailing since it can dictate where you can go and what you can do. A nautical chart is a chart that shows you where the compass point is pointing and what the current weather is at any given time. Nautical charts can come in two forms. There are those that are created and drawn by sailors and those that are based on scientific data and are designed by sailors. Each type of chart has its own pros and cons but the important thing to remember about nautical charts is that they can be confusing and require much knowledge in order to interpret them correctly.

Sailing Directions - This refers to how you steer yourself and where you are sailing to. A simple sailing direction is from west to east or from north to south. A more complex sailing direction will have a number of arrow heads indicating your direction of movement, the name of the port you are sailing to, the names of the continents and finally the direction you are traveling to. This is very important in sailing since a wrong turn could end up having you sailing in the wrong direction and getting nowhere.

Nautical Maps - This refers to a large map of the world that includes all of the major oceans, land masses as well as the coastlines. These maps are used in navigation and used to help people find their way through the sea. They will show you where you are sailing to and how far away your destination is. The names of all of these ocean maps are very important in sailing since if you get lost you need to know exactly where you are. It is recommended that you look through sailing courses online and get a hold of a copy of each one in order to learn how to read the nautical maps and use them correctly.

Racing Yachts - This is something that many people look forward to when taking part in sailing or racing. Racing yachts are bigger than standard yachts and are used for racing. You can find racing yachts in different sizes depending on how many passengers you are looking to carry and how fast you want your boat to go. Racing yachts can be as small as a single person boat with no motor or as big as a multi-person sailing yacht. Racing is great fun and if you are looking for a hobby that lets you sit back and relax then you should consider taking part in racing.